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Clubhead reaming and drilling fixtures

180210   Quick Reaming Vise
The Quick Reaming Vise is a clubhead vise used for re-drilling and reaming clubhead hosels. This is the perfect tool for correcting off-centered, too small, or too shallow hosel bores. Also great for drilling out broken graphite shaft bits.
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180300   Iron Grip stamping vise
Taking a hammer and chisel or stamp to the back of an exquisitely made high-value wedge or iron takes confidence and a high degree of skill. Confidence comes with experience and the trust you place in yourself and the tools required for the job. We've designed the Iron Grip stamping vise to focus on the best angle to strike a blow and carve deep grooves that will leave your artistic expression imprinted forever.

Designed from the ground up and carved out of a solid piece of aluminum, the lron Grip vise has a balanced clamping system that wedges the clubhead securely with four diagonally spaced claws, so that when you strike a blow, the iron won't chase under the stamp, scuffing and ruining the works. The Iron Grip claws are all rotatably adjustable to take on any sole angle radius and bounce, while the upper claws are adjusted individually to lock onto the top line, effectively wedging the clubhead against the lower claws to prevent sliding


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