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Club length and shaft tipping rulers

The best tool in its class for the professional clubmaker!
090710   Auditor Club length tipping ruler
This is the most reliable shaft and golf club ruler ever designed. Features a special shaft trimming system for speed and accuracy. This is also the ideal tool for aligning shaft spine marks and logos.
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Video Reference

090721   Club Length Ruler with RH-LH Lie Angle soling plate
We’ve devised this club length ruler for clubmakers accustomed to measuring
club length using the “standard” method where by a 48” ruler is placed
behind the back of the club at the heel with the centre of the sole touching
the ground while in the address position…
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090715   Deep Throat Club Length Ruler with Lie Angle Gauge
The only ruler than can handle difficult-to-measure clubs, belly putters and the like. This unique ruler provides an easy method to confirm conformance to the latest USGA rulings for club length. The ruler features a split-level measuring plane and a deep throat that allows the club to lie at the correct lie angle to speed up measurement and assembly.
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Designed for length measuring in accordance with R&A and USGA Rules of Golf
090628   Official Club Length Ruler
A golf club length measuring ruler designed for measuring according to the R&A and USGA "Procedure for Measuring the Length of Golf Clubs." We’ve added some additional little features to allow clubmakers to use this ruler for trimming clubs and raw shafts to length, prior to assembly. Measures RH clubs only.
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Relate Parts
60 degree bloc for LH and RH clubs

090601   Collapsible Club Length Fitting Ruler
For the custom club fitters who work on and off the golf course. When fully
extended this ruler can measure a golf club’s playing length as well as length
conformance to the R&A and USGA 60 degree rule for sanctioned tournamenent play.
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090611   Classic 48
This 48" ruler that measures the true,
accurate playing length of finished golf
clubs. Use it t by placing the ruler along the
back of the shaft with the club at address.
Then read the length directly at the grip cap
marker. Handy scale features recommended
men's and ladies standard club lengths for
easy reference.


090615   Classic 50
A clubmaker’s ruler made from a
springy custom aluminium extrusion.
We’ve embedded a scale with
industry standard club length for men
& ladies and added metric as well as
fractional length measurements for
precision and accuracy.


090700   Shaft Length tipping ruler
A specially designed bench rule has a hinged sole flange that aligns with the sole of the club to compensate for the lie angle during the measuring and trimming process eliminating the guesswork.Use it for building sets of clubs
to length, measuring raw shafts, assembled clubs and more...
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090785   Digital Shaft Length trimming ruler Ruler
We've designed this ruler for those involved with shaft quality control, and OEM's with large golf club processing and assembly lines. This ruler measures shafts up to 50" to within an accuracy of better than 0.04". The shaft is held dead center during the measuring process which eliminates small measuring errors introduced by the shaft rate of taper.
The ruler is built using high precision magnetized strip encoders with a precision of 1/100 millimeter. The Auditor Lambda display adds all the functionality needed to calibrate, measure and transfer data to either a PC or serial printer port.


090795   Digital Club Length ruler with pneumatic shaft vise and L&L capability
Pneumatic Assist Digital Ruler
Designed specifically for the high volume club builder; this ruler is the ultimate quality control instrument that ensures that clubs are built to specifications to ensure uniformity and consistency across hundreds if no thousands of golf clubs.

This ruler distinguishes itself from the standard model by the addition of pneumatic grippers mounted on precision sliders, to hold the club in place while the operator carries out the measurement process at a much faster pace and without compromising precision and accuracy.


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