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Technorama Co.Ltd is looking for Distributors world-wide for its AUDITOR™ ,TOOLIX™ and GOLFMECHANIX™ branded golf club making tools and supplies. If your company is already distributing golf products and is interested in distributing our range of golf club making gauges, tools and supplies, please complete the contact info form.

Technorama Co;Ltd manufactures over 200 products used in golf club head design, quality control, manufacture, golf club assembly, custom fitting and repairs, as well as jigs fixtures and displays and special mechanical devices for golf club testing and demo programs. If you have unique needs or would like to expand your existing product line, we will provide label templates, product information sheets, instruction manuals, etc. to save you time and get you of to a good and speedy start. Technorama can also provide logistical support for drop shipments by air and ocean, custom clearance etc. For more information on our private label program contact us.


Over the years, Technorama has accumulated a vast amount of R&D and manufacturing experience working on a multitude of products, encompassing a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from product and mechanism design, precision machining, plastic injection tooling, electronic circuit design and much more. All supported by our dedicated technicians and our extensive network of specialized components suppliers and subcontractors.

This unique capability gives you a systematic approach to centralized, efficient and flexible product design and manufacturing solutions than can be easily geared up to accommodate "shoe string" R&D budgets and limited production runs. For more information on our contract manufacturing solutions, contact us.

Technorama Co.Ltd does not accept unsolicited ideas, products or otherwise via the internet, mail or phone and any other means of communications. Unsolicited material will be returned unopened freight collect or destroyed at our discretion. Your ideas or product should be patented or patent pending before contacting us. You are encouraged to seek advice from a legal council to assist you in this respect.

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