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210300   Shaft pry bar
Was US$33.75  Now US$16.88
Save US$16.87 (50% Off)
“Old school” 15” pry bar used for pushing clubheads off steel and
graphite shafts once the hosel has been thoroughly heated. Also
handy for shafts and mandrels that get stuck in the hosel. This
prey bar is sized for woods and irons and is best used with our
protective collars.
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060121   Classic Shaft Tip Gauge
Was US$11.00  Now US$8.80
Save US$2.20 (20% Off)
The shaft tip identification gauge is a must-have tool for re-shafting and identifying almost any shaft on the market today. Measures shaft tip diameter, and step length.
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works on the shaft. No Kincks!
150835   Putter Shaft bending tube
Was US$56.75  Now US$28.38
Save US$28.37 (50% Off)
The Putter Shaft Bending Tool allows you to alter lie angle and face angle on curved shafts. Perform quick and easy custom alterations of putters built with double- or single-bend shafts.


Powerful Trajectory Fitting and Simulation Software used by Leading Club Makers
160130-P   Trajectory Fitting Software (download)
Was US$61.50  Now US$49.20
Save US$12.30 (20% Off) (Free Shipping)
The AUDiTOR Trajectory Fitting Software is a powerful, easy-to-use ball flight simulator that provides accurate ball speed, spin, and launch angle data based on the golfer's swing style and equipment used.
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Limited Edition production run off!
160200-20   Putter fitting system (orthopedic putter)
Was US$159.75  Now US$79.88
Save US$79.87 (50% Off)
Fitting putter modified on the demand of an orthopedic surgeon for helping golfers with chronic back pain. The putter features a telescopic shaftthat can extend up to 52 inches
in length.


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