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Tool Kits

TK-150200  Iron and putters bending kit for home
We put this kit together by popular demand for all those avid golfer's tool box who whish to check their clubs few times a year. This kit offers great value and includes;

-010411 aprentice golf club head spec gauge. It measures lie, loft, face angle etc. on woods, irons and putters included left handed model.
-150200 our new and improved monoblock soft iron bending gauge
-150610 our light duty and forgiving bending bars
-150826 putter bending jig


TK-150811  Putter fitting Kit
Comprising three of the most essential tools for fitting putters correctly this beginner to intermediate putter customization tool kit allows a fitter to setup, measure and identify a golfer’s putting tendencies prior to recommending a fit, customizing a putter or building a new one.
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TK-150210  Iron Lie and Loft altering Kit
For clubmakers starting out or golfers wanting to dial in that fade, gain that extra yard, help a friend with his or her game; The iron and wedge tunning set has all the tools needed to check lie and loft specifications prior to alteration.

A strong impact resistant lie angle hitting board is provided with the kit to help trouble shoot lie related anomalies such as hooking, slicing etc...

To help build confidence when handling highly prized iron 2 sets of configurable soling brass sheaves. A set of Nylon sheaves for the bending bar is also included in the kit. Soling sheaves adapt to the club head sole and help distribute clamping pressure evenly to prevent slippage.

The light weight cantilevered bending bar provides sufficient leverage to alter all but the hardest alloys.
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TK-010618  Iron Fitting Tool Kit Set
Play smart golf by carrying only those clubs that you can hit solid and on center for maximum distance! With this iron set make up analysis tools you will be able to measure accurately the lie and loft angle of your clubs, your swing speed and tempo which you can then input into our trajectory software to model ball flight, carry distance and roll to help you identify weakness in your club-head set make up and flaws in your swing.
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TK-210116  Shaft extraction tool kit
Removing broken shaft tips, re-shafting clubs with high performance shafts or just simply replacing worn-out shaft connectors can be a daunting and highly protracted affair if you don’t have the right tools to do the job well the first time around.

This intermediate kit is powered by our mid range, field proven, high performance, spring loaded shaft extractor and added all the peripheral accessories needed to just not only remove broken shafts but also to salvage or replace OEM shaft adapters without causing any collateral damage to the club-head, adapter or shaft.

This is what’s included in the kit:
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TK-080100  Golf club Assembly kit
A selection of the most essential tools needed to prepare and assemble components into golf club set to a good level of craftsmanship, playability and fit.

Whether you are complete novice or a serious tinkerer with passion for golf, This compact and well though-tout tool kit set covers all the basics of club making for a fun and rewarding experience.
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TK-180210  Hosel Boring Tool Kit
In the absence of properly sized drills and reamers, re-boring hosels to the correct diameter to take fatter shaft tips is always a challenge. A properly drilled and reamed hosel allows the shaft to sit dead center in the hosel with sufficient clearance for a uniform and strong epoxy bond while providing enough stress relief around the edges to prevent shaft breakage.
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TK-210022  Shaft Extraction Tool Kit Set


TK-110001  Basic Gripping Tool Kit Set
A no fiddle re-gripping tool set that ready to use straight-out of the box. All you need is a little work top space to hook up the gripping vise and hang the solvent catch pan!

This tool set will not just allow you to replace worn-out grips in minutes; you can also remove and salvage hard to find grips, determine your grip size and the numbers of grip tape wraps needed to achieve the desired fit!
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TK-130500  Shaft and Hosel Finishing tool Kit Set
The Ferrule & Shaft Finishing Tool is a unique dual purpose tool that is used for finishing ferrules to a high gloss finish as well as prepping golf shaft tips prior to installation.

To finish and size ferrules, simply apply acetone to the included lint free cloth strips and spin the ferrule on the nylon rollers, while applying moderate pressure.

By replacing the lint free cloth strip with 80 grit sand paper, golf shafts can be spun on the nylon rollers to correctly prep the tips prior to assembly.

The Ferrule & Shaft Finishing Tool can be vise or bench mounted and comes with a metered solvent dispenser and 3 each of the Lint Free Strips
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TK-130300  Ferrule Doctoring Kit
Whether you need to install a ferrule , turning one down to size, or restoring a classic iron, this kit is good to have in one’s tool box especially when you need to get that wedge done in a hurry!

The kit includes:
-130700 Mr T ferrule insertion tool: An all time classic for pushing down ferrules over shaft tips very quickly and without squashing the rim.

-130300 Ferrule trimmer: Thins down the oddly oversized ferrules flush with the club-head hosel when the right size ferrule can’t be found.

-130740 Ferrule extractor tool: Draws back a ferrule that was inserted too far down the shaft or salvage ferrules that are hard to find in the trade.
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100601  DIY dial down gripper with pan. (TK)
A light clamp and tray assembly for regripping
all clubs like a pro. The clamp can also be used
on Shaft tips and butt for trimming and club
assembly. Not recomanded for professional use.


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