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Grind Works Premium Clubheads

312-NDM-00  Nidaime Combo Iron
The new grindworks Nidaime Combo Iron features a 4-PW makeup split into two styles of irons made to compliment each other. The 4, 5, 6 and 7 irons feature a powerful pocket cavity design paired with 8, 9, and PW in a cavity back design. We’ve taken it a step further by offering more flexibility and choice for players depending on their power and ability by offering the 7 iron as either a pocket cavity or cavity back.


312-MB1-00  FORGED Muscle Back Irons
Inspired by legends such as the Spalding Top Flite Professional and Bridgestone J’s Professional Weapon among others, the MB1-FORGED is a modern evolution of design, materials and manufacturing. Our designer and technical advisor worked hand in hand together from pencil drawings to CAD, and from resin samples to forging molds, to test samples to final products. A process spanning nearly a year of revisions, testing, alterations and even more testing before reaching the final product.


312-CB1-00  FORGED Cavity Back Irons
The grindworks CB-1 FORGED is a smallish cavity back iron designed for players who want a great feeling all around iron. This precision forged S20C one piece cavity will appeal to better players who want control and workability as well as better golfers who don’t mind a bit of forgiveness as well.


312-FDPI-00  Forged Dual Pocket Irons
Who doesn’t want more distance and forgiveness? When designing the grindworks Forged Dual Pocket Iron we wanted an iron that not only produced automatic big distance, but one that also looked great and felt great. A pocket cavity is always a challenge when it comes to sound and feel due to how an undercut alters the sound at impact, however we had no doubt our design would use a pocket for more forgiveness and more distance, in fact we decided on double the pocket.


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