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Golf shafts surveying instruments

050315  Digital Shaft Torque Measuring Machine
While a club maker may peruses shaft data from a
shaft maker’s database, this "black box" approach
does not lend itself well to the fitting process.
Developed specifically for clubmakers, Golfmechanix's
new Digital Shaft Torque Analyzer is now more
refined, easier to setup and practical enough to be
used extensively on a daily basis to test raw uncut
shafts as well as assembled clubs to 1/10 of a degree


The most versatile shaft testing instrument available! RS232 Software Kit included FREE!
050416  Shaft Testing Machine
Detects shaft spine orientation and magnitude. Performs flex sorting, flex zone profiling, and flex matching. Functions and features too numerous to list. Includes RS-232 Software Kit and Shaft Rotation Dial Indicator. Check detailed specifications for more information. Software requires Windows XP, Vista, or 7.
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The ideal tool for visualizing shaft FLO
030405  Frequency Tip Weight with Built-In Laser
Finally, a perfectly balanced, 205 gram, frequency tip weight with a built-in laser and an internal long-life CR2 battery. This handy and easy-to-use tool works great for floing shafts before assembly. Mount the tip weight on the shaft and turn it on. Twang the shaft to start oscillations and observe the pattern. Rotate shaft to align the spine in the plane.
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CR2 battery for 030405 Frequency Laser tip weight

030420  Shaft Rotation Dial Indicator
Was US$30.75  Now US$26.14 Save US$4.61
An essential tool in the toolbox of clubmakers interested in spine detection and orientation. Clips onto the butt of the shaft to give accurate 360 degree shaft positioning, in one-degree increments.
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050010  Manual Shaft Spine Finder
The GolfMechanix Manual Shaft Spine Finder provides a quick, accurate, low-cost method for locating the neutral bending axis on a golf shaft. This ensures the correct clubhead-to-shaft orientation, improving impact feel consistency, while minimizing shot dispersion.
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Only 7 units left in stock!
050500  Shaft Deflection Board
A compact shaft deflection analyzer designed to accommodate shafts up to 46 inches long, with reusable flex charts. Standard 2 & 3 lb weights included. Complies with ASTM shaft testing standards.
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