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Welcome to the Golfmechanix website and thank you

for following up on our worldwide warranty Link!


We at Golfmechanix (myself and 30 outstanding individuals )

have been in business for the past 28 years. Our mission is to

conceive, design  and manufacture specialized tools for

clubmakers, fitters, casting houses and manufactures alike.

Our products are born in the collective mind of our great

clubmaking community. Each product is thoughtfully designed, thoroughly tested and manufactured with great care by us, to ensure that you benefit from your purchase straight out of the box and that your tools will endure the rigors of work shop life for the years to come.


At Golfmechanix; we, believe that it's our business to help you keep your tools in good working order well  into obsolescence, and therefore we pledge to assist and support all those who come to us for service, repairs and upgrades  wherever purchased in the world!


We further pledge to honor warranty claims on all those products deemed to be under warranty. Golfmechanix will at its discretion repair or replace products in parts or in whole as is necessary to restore functionality.


We work hard to bring you the best there is and we hope that

you will entrust us with your business.


Thank you for stopping by.


Mondher Latiri, CEO